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We have partnered with Sabai Sabai Muay thai!
I am pleased to announced that after many months of back and forth we will officially be moving our program to Sabai Sabai Muay Thai.  While this move is temporary and we will eventually move back to the West Berlin area, this allows us to train at a better facility with a more accessible schedule as well as a plethora of new training partners.  Current Fighters United students will be grandfathered in at their current rates until 2023! I'm very excited for what this move will mean for our gym.  If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact myself or Coach Dave.  Thank you!
The official move date will be August 15, and our last class at our current location will be on August 12



Fighters United was created out of a strong passion, a shared vision and a ceaseless commitment to improving lives through the martial arts.  Our name is our goal: we are united in the effort to make you the best version of your self.  Through years of competition and teaching experience our passion has only grown, and no matter what your goals are we will help you the same way our teachers helped us.



Michael Ahn has been involved in the martial arts in one form or another almost his entire life.  Starting with Tang Soo Do at the age of 7 under Master Ki Yun Yi, he studied the art until he moved away to college, attaining a 4th degree black belt in the process.  While attending Rutgers University he discovered Brazilian Jiutjisu under David Ellis and Damien O'Hara via the Rutgers BJJ club.  He joined Advanced Martial Arts in North Brunswick where he met and attained a Blue Belt under Brian Katz.  At the same time he met his striking coach James "B-52" Smith and went on to fight and win twice in the amateur leagues in New York.  Moving to South Korea for work, he continued his studies in the martial arts, attaining a purple belt under Jang Won Bin and winning the ADCC Korea trials.  Linking up with the world famous Korean Top Team, he had a short professional MMA career going 3-0 before injuries forced him to retire.  You can still see him cornering UFC fighters and competing in the local BJJ circuits to this day


New classes are coming to our program!  Interested in jiujitsu? We are adding a Nogi jiujitsu program in November!  We are currently figuring out the schedule so please let us know and let your voice be heard.  The current plan is to have classes Wednesdays 7pm and Saturdays 2pm, so let us know if you can  99% of fights hit the ground, you better know what to do!



It is my pleasure to recommend Michael Ahn as a personal trainer. I first met Michael almost 3 years ago when he was working as an instructor at Body And Seoul gym in Itaewon. Since then I have exercised with Michael in both group lessons at both Body And Seoul and at Pete’s Gym and in personal sessions. When Body And Seoul closed in early 2019, I moved to Pete’s Gym specifically to continue training with Michael. I have taken classes from him in fitness, Jiu-Jitsu.  Muay Thai and MMA.  Michael’s expertise and knowledge in all of these areas was apparent from the very beginning, when he took the time and care to answer any and all of my questions, in great detail and without any reluctance. It was clear that Michael takes great pleasure in helping the people around him and in seeing them improve and meet their goals. Through training with Michael, I went from being totally unsure of myself and my abilities to having clear and achievable goals, with measurable and effect progress in them. As a result, I have noticed great improvement in my cardiovascular capability, along with improved strength and flexibility. In terms of my goals, Michael regularly goes beyond the expectations one would have of a trainer, taking the time outside of classes to teach me to lift weights, to answer any questions and even giving valuable advice about diet and weight management, fat loss and muscle gain. Furthermore his classes and personal advice has helped me to improve my skills in Martial Arts, leading to being able to compete in both Jiu Jitsu and MMA competitions with Michael literally in my corner. He helped
me to prepare by preparing times to train together, to go running and swimming and made himself available to give his extensive advice at any time, day or night. Without Michael’s help, tuition, encouragement and advice, I do not believe that I would have been able to achieve these goals. As a trainer, Michael is incredibly friendly and welcoming to new members, immediately creating an encouraging and exciting atmosphere. People genuinely look forward to his classes, which are energetic, enthusiastic, fun and above all, effective. Beyond all of this, he has become a great friend of mine, who continually pushes and helps me to achieve more than I ever believed I was capable of. I fully intend to continue training with Michael in as many areas as I can, for as long as I can. I hope that you choose to do so too, as I cannot be any more firm in my absolute recommendation of Michael as a personal trainer in any of the areas mentioned above. - Iain O