We have partnered with Sabai Sabai Muay Thai!

We will be temporarily moving locations and have access to a better facility and schedule! I'm excited to be working with SSMT to bring kickboxing and Brazilian Jiujitsu t their program while offering a better schedule and facility to our current students. We will being training at SSMT on August 15, so please don't show up to Woodbury or Berlin after those dates!

This move will be temporary, as the goal was and remains to open a facility in the West Berlin area, but it will be a great opportunity to train with an established gym. Please check out their schedule below which will go into effect August 15.

All current Fighters United students will be able to be grandfathered in at their current Unlimited price until 2024. See you on the mats!

If you would like more information on where we're moving to, check out their schedule at

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