Updates for April!

Hello everyone! Attendance has been up and the progress shows. I will be in Las Vegas from April 1 to 11 to corner Dawoon Jung in his first UFC fight on American soil. Master Purcell and Fabian, along with my friend Sean Hogan, will be running the classes. Because of the Easter weekend our usual Sunday Sparring at Sabai Sabai will be moved to Saturday, with the same times. Here is what the beginning of April will look like:

4/2 Friday 7:30pm - Master Purcell and Fabian

4/3 Saturday 11:am and 12:00pm - Sabai Sabai, class is at 11am and sparring is at 12pm. Please bring $5

4/5 Monday 8:30pm - Master Purcell and Fabian

4/7 Wednesday 9:00pm - Seam Hogan

4/9 Friday 7:30pm - Master Purcell and Fabian

4/11 Sunday 12:00pm

- Master Purcell and Fabian

We will be learning completely new techniques, namely the side kick and the back kick, so please don't be absent or you will be caught lacking!

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