Temporary Schedule Changes for April 29-May18

Hello guys! Thank you all for continuing to put in work. Duty calls again and I will once again be cornering a UFC fighter Junyong Park so I will be away from April 29 to May 18. I will resume classes on May 19. Mondays we have guest instructor Jake Skelly owner of Broad Street Kickboxing coming in to teach class. Coach Dave Nelson has been kind enough to invite us to trian with his students Wednesdays at 7:30pm. Fridays will be with Master Purcell at 7:30pm. So once again, the schedule for April 29 - May 18 is as follows:

Mondays: 8:30pm Berlin Location with Coach Skelly

Wednesdays : 7:30pm Sabai Sabai with Coach Nelson

Fridays: 7:30pm Berlin Location with Master Purcell.

I will be reaching out to you via the chat group to confirm this so if you're not in the chat group please let me know. Again this schedule will ONLY be in effect from April 29 to May 18. When I get back we will be added some classes so stay tuned for more updates!

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