NOGI Jiutjitsu is coming to Judo Movement! Nov. 1 inaugural class

I am so happy to announce that Nogi jiujitsu classes will be taught at Judo Movement every Monday and Wednesday from 7pm to 8:30pm starting Novembe 1. Classes will be kept small and focus on self defense fundamentals at first and then expand to encompass comeptition strategy as well. On Mondays we will be in the small mat room and Wednesday we will be in the large mat room.

Also, on the first Monday of every month we will have a joint jiujitsu class with our friends from the Yi's Karate program. It will be a good chance to mix it up with partners you're not used to sparring. The first joint class will be October 4 and continue on the first Monday of every month. That's perfect because our first inaugural nogi class will be on November 1 which is a Monday!

Please contact Sensei Dave for price information

(856) 842-6948

See you on the mats!


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